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Kapoff : The Mini Vial Decapper and 'Botox' Bottle Opener

CoVid -19 Antibody Testing and PPE for your Clinics

IgM/IgG Rapid Tests

There are many CoVid-19 Antibody Rapid tests available with varying degrees of sensitvity and specificity. None offer 100% accuracy, but some are more reliable than others.

We are proud to offer professional test kits for sale to medical professionals to enable testing of staff and patients for security and peace of mind.

Unlike most UK kits that have components manufactured in China and then assembled in Europe, our kits are 100% manufactured in France.

They come as a box of 20 individual wrapped test cassettes for professional clinical use. THESE ARE NOT FOR RESALE TO THE PUBLIC and results must be interpreted by a healthcare practitioner in conjunction with a clinical history.

For Full Details, Data Sheet, Product Specification and Instructions for UseClick Here

PPE for your Clinical Use

To protect eyes, Public Health England, the Health and Safety Executive, and other official bodies are recommending the following PPE for Non Aerosal Generating Procedures:

Plastic Aprons: Single Use

Type 1 Face Masks: Single Use

Disposable Gloves: Single Use

Eye or Face Shields: Sessional Use

We are delighted to offer these essential PPE items are reasonable prices direct to your UK practices. You can buy from this website with no VAT payable until 30 June.

To purchase Click Here

Merci d'envoyer mon KAP-OFF en France. Je l'ai recu en 4 jours - c'est bon!

Dr JP, Paris

I had a one to one training with Medex Medical Training with the AMAZING Dr B, and she used a Kapoff to take the top off the Azzalure vial. Very Neat! I ordered one from the website the same evening. The icing on the cake after an excellent course!'

Dr Abedin, Cosmetic Doctor

Thank you for shipping to Romania at such a reasonable price!

Dr R, Bucharest

I was pursuaded by a Botox rep to buy some decappers that looked like a pair of pliers, cost £70 and weighed a tonne. Bad Mistake! Now I have this pocket sized Kapoff. The old decapper is redundant in my husband's tool box now - only because I can't bear to throw it way because it was so expensive.

C Riley, Nurse

The Kapoff is dinky, portable and easy to use. It took a week to get to me but worth the wait!

KS, Nurse

I tried artery forceps, scissors, my finger nails...taking the top off a bottle of toxin was always a nightmare. Then I ordered some products from Church Pharmacy and I got a Kapoff free!! I bought another online so I have 2 now - one in my clinic and one in my mobile kit. I ordered the other one on line and got it in 3 days.

Linda H, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner